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  • FIeldbus OEM Service
  • FIeldbus OEM Service
  • FIeldbus OEM Service
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FIeldbus OEM Service
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Microcyber provides a series of fieldbus solution for communication controller, communication board and instruments with HART, FF H1 and PROFIBUS PA protocol according to all different user's requirements.

Solution of Fieldbus Products Development

Communication Board

Technical Service

OEM service

Certification pretest

Certification test support

System integration test support

OEM Service Package

ff hart protocol



1.Foundation fieldbus ITK Pre-Test

2.Foundation fieldbus interoperability test support

3.Control system integration test support


1.HART Device Registration Pre-Test

2.HART interoperability test support


1.Certification Pre-Test 

2.PNO Certification test support

FBC0409 Fieldbus Communication Controller

oem service


Built-in Manchester encoder/decoder, data transmission rate is 31.25KBit/S, in line with IEC61158-2 specification

With physical layer and part of the link layer functions (received frame check FCS, address recognition, etc.)

High integration, simple peripheral circuit, small footprint

Built-in 4K Byte asynchronous SRAM for storing sending, receiving and address table data

Working voltage: 3.3V

Working temperature: -40℃~85℃

Low power design

LQFP44 package

HT1200M  Fieldbus Modem (HART)

Communication Board


Single-chip, half-duplex 1200 bits per second FSK modem

Bell202 shift frequencies of 1200 Hz and 2200 Hz

The receiving bandpass filter circuit and sending signal waveform shaping circuit are integrated

External 460.8khz crystal or ceramic filter internal clock oscillator or external input clock

Supply voltage: 3.3V~5.0V

Operation Temperature:-40℃~+85℃

Meets the requirements of HART physical layer

LQFP32 and PLCC28 encapsulation

Completely compatible with HT20C15 and A5191

APC3 Fieldbus Communication Controller(DP)

ff hart protocol


Fully compatible with SPC3LV and VPC3 (DPV0/3.3V/1.5K dual-port RAM), can be directly replaced

Support Intel, Freescale and ARM microprocessor interfaces

Support and independently process the complete PROFIBUS DPV0 slave protocol

Integrated 1.5K dual-port RAM for data interface between APC3 and processor

Support 9.6kbit/s~12Mbit/s communication rate, support automatic baud rate detection function

Working voltage:3.3V

Working temperature:-40℃~+85℃

LQFP44 package

Hot Products--FF PA DP HART Communication Board 

oem serviceCommunication Boardff hart protocol

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