microcyber corporation fieldbus

Microcyber mainly provides Pressure Transmitter, Temperature Transmitter, Communication PCB, Communication Chip, Signal Converter, Control System and accessories with FF, PA and HART protocols for industrial process control solution.Our NCS-PT105 pressure transmitter (FF) and NCS-FI105 fieldbus to current converter (FF) have passed integration test with ABB control system.

Many of microcyber products have passed FF certification, PA certification, HART certification, NEPSI explosion-proof certification, etc. And our company has ISO 9001 certification.To establish a long-term business relationship is our target.

About Microcyber Corporation
  • Microcyber Corporation at Hannover Messe 2024

    Microcyber Corporation introduces more details on Fieldbus, Profibus and HART devices and technologies at Hannover Messe 2024.

  • Performance Features and Design of HT1200M

    The HART protocol superimposes audio digital signals on 4~20 mA analog signals. The digital signal amplitude is 0.5 mA and the data rate reaches 1200 b/s. 1200 Hz represents logic "1" and 2200 Hz represents logic "0". Enables two-way digital communication. HART communication has the characteristics of simultaneous point-to-point 4 ~ 20 mA analog and digital communication, multi-station communication methods, and multiple transmissions.The HT1200M is compatible with the SYM20C15 and HT20C15 and with ON OnSemi's A5191HRT and HT2015.

  • Glory moment CIB Micro won the

    Glory moment CIB Micro won the "Excellence Member Award" of PI-China Association!