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  • WirelessHART Smart Gateway
  • WirelessHART Smart Gateway
  • WirelessHART Smart Gateway
  • WirelessHART Smart Gateway
  • WirelessHART Smart Gateway
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WirelessHART Smart Gateway
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WirelessHART Smart Gateway is responsible for the establishment, management and maintenance of WirelessHART network. It continuously optimize the network to ensure all devices work efficiently and safety.

Product Description

WirelessHART Smart Gateway

wirelesshart devices

WirelessHART smart wireless gateway is in charge of establishment, management and maintenance of WirelessHART network, and network optimization, to make the devices in the network work in the effective and safe situation. Meanwhile WirelessHART smart gateway integrates device wireless information in the network to the PC system or data application, and provides related security assurance.

WirelessHART smart wireless gateway has the leading data reliability, network safety and advanced customer experience. It provides Web service for real-time network running check and data, without any restrictions. The engineer shall check abundant device status and device information in the Web service. And it provides total configuration function and the user may configure the device at any time and anyway.


WirelessHART smart gateway is in charge of establishment, management and maintenance of WirelessHART network, and network optimization, to make the devices in the network work in the effective and safe situation. Meanwhile, WirelessHART smart gateway integrates device data information in the network to PC system or data application, and provides related security assurance.

WirelessHART Smart Gateway Features

Achieve real-time process data,and wireless data reliability is highter than 99%.

- - Manage wireless communication automatically in constantly changing environment.

- -Connect with PC system via Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU or Proprietary protocols.

Wireless network configuration tool

- -Easy for wireless network and data integration via integrated web interface.


- -Interoperable with standard wireless field devices.

- -Support adapter operation.

Comply and support HART protocol and commands

- -Comply with HART7.5 specification.

- -Support all the mandatory commands.


  • Gain real-time process data. Reliability of wireless data can reach 99%

  • Wireless network configuration tool

  • Comply with HART7.6 standard

  • Explosion proof grade: Ex nA Ⅱ T4 Gc

  • Support up to 500 WirelsessHART field devices


WirelessHART Smart Gateway Parameters/Functional Specs

  • Operating Voltage: 12~30VDC

  • Operating Temperature: -40℃~+70℃

  • Relative Humidity: 10%~90%

  • Current Consumption: 24VDC I<0.5A

  • Output Power: Max. 10dBm EIRP(Standard Antenna)

  • Antenna Options: Integral Omni-Directional Antenna


WirelessHART Smart Gateway Communication Interface

  • RS485:

  • Baudrate: 115200,57600,38400,19200,9600,4800,2400,1200

  • Protocol: Modbus RTU

  • Ethernet:

  • Interface Type: 10/100base-Tx Ethernet Communication Interface

  • Protocol: Modbus TCP,OPC,HART-IP,HTTPS, Private Protocol


WirelessHART Smart Gateway Self-assemble Network Specification

  • Largest Network Scale: 500-Point Wireless Device

  • Supported Device Refresh Ratio: 1,2,4,8,16,32s or 1~60 min

  • Network Scale/Delay:

  • 250-Point Device:<60s

  • 100-Point Device: <10s

  • 50-Point Device: <5s


WirelessHART Smart Gateway Radio Characteristics

  • Radio Characteristics: 2.4GHz...2.48GHz

  • Number Of Channels: 15

  • Channel Separation 5MHz

  • Occupled Bandwidth: 2.7MHz

  • Raw Data Rate: 250kbps

  • Receiver Sensitivity: -90dBm

WirelessHART Smart Gateway Specification

Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
HART 7.5
wireless data reach 99%
Configuration tool
Provided for Wireless network configuration
Explosion proof grade
Ex nA IIC T4 Gc
Device number
up to 500
Operating voltage
Operating temperature
Relative humidity
Current consumption
24VDC I<0.5A
Output power
Max. 10dBm EIRP(standard antenna)

WirelessHART Smart Gateway Installation

Find the best wireless performance for the gateway. Generally, the place is 4.6-7.6m (15-25 inches) high from the ground or 2m (6 inches) high from the base facility. Picture is an example for that.

WirelessHART Smart Gateway Installation

wirelesshart applications

The gateway shall be fixed to the designed position with the pendant, and the pendant is provided together with the gateway. The hole dimension of gateway bottom housing and pendant are shown as pictures.

The steps to install gateway as following:

1) With screw, to fix pendant ① to the designed position.

2) With screw, to fix pendant ② to the gateway bottom housing.

Hang gateway to pendant ① to finish the installation.

Gateway and Pendant

wirelesshart protocol

Gateway Bottom Housing Dimension (Unit:mm)

wirelesshart devices

Gateway Pendant ① Dimension (Unit: mm)

wirelesshart applications


WirelessHART Smart Gateway Connection

All the connections to gateway may be at the wiring terminals, the wiring terminal is inside the housing, and the wiring terminal label is inside the external housing. The standard wiring terminal label is shown in picture.


Standard Wiring Terminal Mark

wirelesshart protocolwirelesshart devices


In junction box of external housing, there are five lead entrances for power wire and communication wire. Don't make power wire and communication wire together to pass lead pipe, or make the signal wire near the powerful electric device.

Install lead pipe end cap at the new lead pipe port. In order to meet NEMA 4X and IP65 requirements, the user shall wind PTEE belt at external thread or smear sealant, to create watertight seal.


WirelessHART Smart Gateway Ground

The gateway housing shall be grounded according to national and local electric specification. The most effective way is to connect gateway housing to the ground via minimum impedance. The user may also connect external ground terminal and ground to make gateway grounded. The impedance shall be no more than 1 Ω. The external ground terminal is at the bottom of the gateway, and it has the mark as following: 

wirelesshart applications

WirelessHART Smart Gateway Ethernet

The gateway has a 10/100Based-TX Ethernet communication port. The connection is for access to gateway webpage and pass Modbus TCP and own protocol communication.

For Ethernet connection, the user shall use Cat 5E type shield cable to connect Ethernet concentrator, interchanger or router. The maximum length of cable is no more than 100m (328 inches).


WirelessHART Smart Gateway RS-485

The gateway assigns RS-485 (serial) connection. The user may assign the connection via A and B serial Modbus terminals, and the connection can be used for communication between RS-485 data bus and Modbus RTU.

The user may use 18 AWG single STP to connect gateway and RS485 data bus. The bus length is no more than 1220m (4000 inches). The user shall connect Tx+ (positive pole, sending) and Terminal A, and connect Tx+ (negative pole, receiving) and Terminal B. The wiring shielded layer shall be shut and insulated, to prevent gateway housing to contact terminals of other ends.

If 4-wire full duplex configuration is used for all the data bus, please change it into 2-wire half duplex configuration, according to picture. 


WirelessHART Smart Gateway Full Duplex to Half D Duplex

wirelesshart protocol

WirelessHART Smart Gateway Power

The gateway is powered by 24 VDC (nominal value), and requires at least 500 mA current. The positive and negative poles are connected to left side of terminal. The additional housing ground wire is under the housing.

The user shall connect the power to the positive pole + of wiring terminal and negative pole – of power terminal. The wiring shall be near gateway, and using external power cut-off switch and breaker.


WirelessHART Smart Gateway Network Structure

When the user is determining the network structure and protocol to integrate, the physical connection type is pretty important. Ethernet is the primary physical connection type, and RS485 can be used as the optional one. When the sub-gateway is sending integrate data to host system, and the network structure in Figure 4-1 is helpful.

If the user has higher security requirements, the user shall connect WirelessHART gateway to PC system via LAN (rather than WAN)


WirelessHART Smart Gateway Ethernet

Ethernet connection supports Modbus TCP and private protocols. With this connection type, the gateway shall connect to control system via network interchanger, router or concentrator directly.

Ethernet LAN Structure

wirelesshart devices

WirelessHART Smart Gateway RS485 (Serial)

RS485 connection supports Modbus RTU protocol. With this connection type, gateway shall connect RS485 bus, the bus is generally connected with I/O board or Modbus I/O board.

RS485 LAN Structure

wirelesshart applications

WirelessHART Smart Gateway Modbus

The gateway supports RS485 serial port’s Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP based on Ethernet. As a sub-device of Modbus network, polling by Modbus master device or client end (PC system) is requested.


WirelessHART Smart Gateway Communication Setting

The communication setting in gateway shall set as the same as that of Modbus master device or client end. Choose “Setup” >”Protocol” in the gateway webpage, to enter Protocol Setting.


Protocol Setting

wirelesshart protocol

  • Address: The address is used by gateway for Modbus RTU communication, range 1~247.

  • Baud Rate: Serial Modbus RTU communication date ratio or speed, 1200~ 115200 bits/s supported.

  • Parity: The setting determination is used for failure check’s odd-even check of Modbus RTU communication. (none, even check or odd check)

  • Stop bit: The setting determination is used for numbers of stop bit of Modbus RTU communication information end. (1 or 2)

  • TCP Port: It is the TCP/IP port number for Modbus TCP (Ethernet), used by the gateway. The default value is 502.

  • Click “Submit” and there will be “Restart the Gateway now?”, click “OK”. The gateway shall restart, and the setting is effective.


wirelesshart devices


wirelesshart applications

WirelessHART Smart Gateway FAQ

Q: What's register map?

A: Register map is to distribute device data points in the wireless field to Modbus register, and Modbus primary device or client side shall read these registers. In the gateway setting, choose “Setup” >”Modbus Register Map” to enter.

Q: What's private protocol?

A: Gateway could only process supportive commands provided by HART protocol. For some customized commands, the gateway shall convert these commands to private protocol data format, and send out via TCP/IP.


Q: Can I get a free electronic manual?

A: Yes, if you want it, please contact us.


Q: Can you provided OEM service?

A: Yes, we can, such as communication board, we can also provided fieldbus development toolkit.

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