DK11 WirelessHART Development Toolkit

  • DK11 WirelessHART Development Toolkit
  • DK11 WirelessHART Development Toolkit
  • DK11 WirelessHART Development Toolkit
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DK11 WirelessHART Development Toolkit
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Fieldbus WirelessHART Development Toolkit HART can help device manufacturer to quickly and efficiently develop and test WirelessHART field device, to shorten time to market, improve performance, and improve core competitiveness.DK11 WirelessHART Development Toolkit

Fieldbus WirelessHART Development Toolkit HART: 

Product Name: DK11 WirelessHART Development Toolkit

Application: fieldbus WirelessHART

Brand: Microcyber

Model: DK11

Type: Wireless HART

Accessories: G1100 WirelessHART Gateway, M1100S WirelessHART Module, DEV-WH-X Development Board, DEV-WH-N Development Board, 2dB Omni-directional Antenna and connection wire, 24VDC Power, 5VDC Power

Functions: For wireless device manufacturers

Certificate: FCG WirelessHart

Packaging:Export CTN

Dimension: 460*145*365mm


DK11 WirelessHART Development Toolkit all the required materials to develop WirelessHART field device are provided. No need to purchase other device.

Have passed the FCG WirelessHart Certificate.

Long-term interoperability test has been done with many similar products.

Provide rich library files, sample code, detailed technical development documents.


Fieldbus WirelessHART Development Toolkit HART Tookit List

G1100 WirelessHART Gateway ×1

M1100S WirelessHART Module×5

DEV-WH-X Development Board×2

DEV-WH-N Development Board×3

2dB Omni-directional Antenna and connection wire×5

24VDC Power×1

5VDC Power ×2


Fieldbus WirelessHART Development Toolkit HART Development Progress


Fieldbus WirelessHART Development Toolkit HART Case: HardwareInterface Description of M1100 Development Board

Structure Description of Development Board

Fieldbus WirelessHART

Photo of M1100 development board

HART protocol

M1100 circuit board components layout


  • Serial supply: Jumper J8, connecting with a jumper wire, mainly control power supply of the serial module, and easy for low-power evaluation of M1100.

  • M1100 debug: JTAG debug port of M1100 master controller. Don’t need to concerned about it for the user without secondary development.

  • MSP430 debug port, i.e., instrument board function debug interface of development board, easy for user to develop instrument board functions through the development board, evaluate and test those functions at the beginning of the hardware design, to speed up the development progress.

  • M1100 supply: Jumper J21, M1100 power supply terminal, can individually provide power supply to M1100 module, easy for user to check power consumption status of the instrument board.

  • Instrument Board supply: Jumper J2, power supply jumper for instrument board circuit.

  • Power switch: Power supply toggle switch of the whole circuit.

  • Power socket: Standard DC power socket.

  • Power interface: Additional power plug can lead to power supply for several devices.

  • Power indicator: Power indicating light of the development board.

  • Analog potentiometer: Visual display on web of data changes collected can be provided by adjusting the potentiometer.

  • 4-20MA input: 4-20MA external input terminal.

  • 4-20MA output: 4-20MA output terminal, external power supply required.

  • Test button: Button interface, easy for user to press when evaluating.

  • MSP430 IO pin header: Easy for user to connect external device.

  • M1100 pin header: Pin out all the interfaces of the M1100 module, easy for user to evaluate the module.

  • LED supply: Designed for low-power evaluation and can be individually cut off.

  • Test LED: Respectively connect M1100’s IO and MSP430’s IO, easy for information output during debugging.

  • Antenna terminal: Connect omnidirectional rod antenna.

  • M1100 serial port: Used for maintenance and to print some relevant information. Users don’t have to care about.

  • M1100 base: Socket of M1100 WirelessHART module.

  • Maintenance port: For PC’s configuration to M1100.


Q: Can I get a free electronic manual?

A: Yes, if you want it, please contact us.


Q: Can you provided OEM service?

A: Yes, we can, such as communication board, we can also provided fieldbus development toolkit.

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