2023 Microcyber Corporation at Hannover Messe

Microcyber Corporation at Hannover Messe 2023 to introduce more details of Fieldbus, Profibus and HART equipment and technology.

  • 1108-2022

    The role of temperature in transmitters

    The role of temperature in the transmitter For the temperature range of the temperature transmitter, usually a transmitter will calibrate two temperature ranges, that is, the normal operating temperature range and the temperature compensable range. The normal operating temperature range refers to the temperature range when the transmitter is not damaged under working conditions. When the temperature compensation range is exceeded, the performance index of its application may not be achieved. The temperature compensation range is a smaller range than the operating temperature range. typical range. Working within this range, the transmitter will definitely achieve its due performance.

  • 2001-2021

    What is industry 4.0 and digitalization?


  • 1301-2021

    What is a fieldbus?

    the creation of fieldbuses

  • 0501-2021

    How do temperature transmitters work?

    The temperature transmitter generally consists of a temperature measuring probe, that is, a thermocouple or thermal resistance sensor and a two-wire solid electronic unit. The temperature measuring probe is directly installed in the junction box in the form of a solid module to form an integrated transmitter.

  • 2412-2020

    What is differential pressure transmitter?

    What is differential pressure transmitter? Application for differential pressure transmitter

  • 2704-2021

    Water-Saving Retrofit Solutions for Thermal Power Plants

    Our self-developed wireless Hart gateway and wirelessHART adapter have been used in thermal power plants for one year, and have not received feedback on product quality problems; high efficiency and low cost are the core of this case water-saving reconstruction project, and the application of wirelessHART technology scheme has successfully achieved this goal.

  • 2201-2021

    Wireless Solution-Corrosion Proof

    Our wireless technology reduces the use and maintenance costs of the factory by implementing preventive corrosion monitoring on the factory, helps improve the reliability of the factory and ensures the safety of production goals, equipment and personnel.

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