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Fieldbus Modbus to HART Gateway
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Fieldbus Modbus to HART Gateway
G0310 Modbus to HART Gateway, designed by Microcyber Corporation is a gateway device for Modbus-RTU protocol and HART protocol. As Modbus master, G0310 Modbus to HART Gateway communicates with devices that have Modbus-RTU communication function via RS485 interface. It can convert device data to HART device variables output, and it also supports 4~20mAcurrent output.

 Fieldbus Modbus to HART Gateway Features


  • Be tallied with HART7.0

  • HART slave and Modbus master mode

  • 4~20mA analog signal overlay HART digital signal

  • Support 1 Modbus slave device

  • Support 6 device variables and 4 dynamic variables

  • Configure gateway by HART interface

  • Write protect user data

  • Support high/low alarm current

  • RS485 Modbus interface

  • LED power and communication indicating

  • Standard DIN rail installation

 modbus gateway


  • Modbus-RTU protocol to HART protocol

  • Support 6 device variables and 4 dynamic variables

  • Support Modbus communication parameters dynamic configuration

  • Support HART multipoint mode

  • Support 375/475 communicator

 Modbus to HART Gateway Product parameter


Measurement Object: Modbus RTU slave device

Power: 12~42VDC

Bus Protocol: 2-wire,4~20mA+HART

Load resistance: 0~1500Ω(4~20mA)

230~1100Ω(HART communication)

Isolation Voltage: Modbus and HART Bus Interface,500VAC

Temperature Range: -40℃~85℃

Humility Range: 5~95%RH

Start Time: ≤5s

Refresh Time: 0.2s

Damping adjustment: Time constant 0~32s

Modbus to HART Gateway Performance Index

Protection Level: IP20


GB/T 18268.1-2010

GB/T 18268.23-2010


Modbus to HART Gateway Physical Performance

Weight: 0.2kg

Structure Material: Housing: Polyamide PA6.6 Coating: Polyester Epoxy Resin


Modbus to HART Gateway Default Communication Parameter

Slave Station Address: 1

Baud rate : 9600

Data bits: 8

Stop bits: 1

Check out: EVEN

CRCcheck out: Low Byte in Advance

Modbus to HART Gateway Supporting Modbus Function Code

1: read loop status

2: read discrete input status

3: read keeping register value

4: read input register value

5: write loop

16: write multiple register values

Modbus to HART Gateway Dimension


Dimension(Unit: mm)

Modbus to HART Gateway Structure


modbus gateway

Modbus to HART Gateway Installation


Dimension  of  G0310  MODBUS  to  HART  gateway  is  99×22.5×114.5mm, supporting standard DIN guide rail installation.

The power supply of G0310 MODBUS to HART gateway is HART bus, and 485 communication need external 24V power supply. The recommended is TP cable, and it shall improve device’s anti-electromagnetic interference ability.


Modbus to HART Gateway Jumper configuration

G0310 MODBUS to HART Gateway has 2 jumpers, as shown on picture.The left one is failure warning current setting and the right one is configuration protection setting jumper.


                                                                                        G0310 Modbus to Hart Gateway Jumper

Failure Warning Jumper Setting

G0310 MODBUS to HART Gateway has self-diagnostic function. Once failure is found, intelligent instrument will output warning current automatically. Warning current mode is decided by failure warning current jumper on the left of the board. When there’s no insertion or insertion of two points underside, it’s high-level warning (warning current≥21.75mA);When it’s the insertion of two points upside, it’s low-level warning (warning current≤3.7mA).

Configuration Protection Jumper Setting

G0310 MODBUS to HART Gateway provides jumper setting of device configuration protection or not, that is the configuration protection setting jumper described above, as shown on figure 3. When it’s the insertion of two points upside, it’s configuration protection. At this moment no change of device configuration is allowed. It is allowed when there’s no insertion or insertion of two points underside.


Saturation fixed output (manufacturer setting, no configuration)

When HART intelligent instrument is running, it will compare PV and range upper and lower limiting value constantly. When PV exceeds the limit, instrument will output fixed current. When PV is higher than upper limit, it output 20.8mA;When PV is lower than upper limit, it output 3.8mA.

Working Principle

G0310 MODBUS to HART gateway connection diagram is shown asfollowing:


                                 G0310 MODBUS to HART gateway connection diagram


G0310 MODBUS to HART Gateway supports 4 dynamic variables, 6 device variables. Via MODBUS register, the data selected by MODBUS device is configured to device variables of G0310 MODBUS to HART Gateway, and then, it enters the mapping from device variable to dynamic variable, as the device output, supporting 4~20mA analog signal output. G0310 MODBUS to HART Gateway functional block diagram is shown as on picture:

modbus gateway

How To Choose G0310 Modbus to HART Gateway?

Appendix Model Selection




Q: Can I get a free electronic manual?

A: Yes, if you want it, please contact us.


Q: How is the gateway configured?

A: G0310 MODBUS to HART support standard HART device connection: point to point and multipoint connection. User can use Microcyber HartMPT configuration.


Q: Can you provided OEM service?

A: Yes, we can, such as communication board, we can also provided fieldbus development toolkit.

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