HART OEM Service

  • Sales HART OEM Service, Buy HART OEM Service, HART OEM Service Factory, HART OEM Service Brands
  • Sales HART OEM Service, Buy HART OEM Service, HART OEM Service Factory, HART OEM Service Brands
  • Sales HART OEM Service, Buy HART OEM Service, HART OEM Service Factory, HART OEM Service Brands
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HART OEM Service
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OEM Service Package -- HART Communication Board

OEM Service Package -- HART Communication Board

Product Overview

Microcyber provides the HART communication board customized as customer's requirements. 

This solution can upgrade the traditional instrument to HART instrument rapidly. 

The board supports HART Universal Command, Common Practice Command and analog current output. 

Microcyber can assist customer in passing certification test of HART with the HCF test system.


Software & Firmware Design and Development is including:


  • Power supplier: 12~42 VDC

  • Operation temperature: - 40 ~ 85℃

  • Supply to customer board: 3.3V, 2.5mA or customer requirements

  • Support asynchrony serial interface, baud rate is changeable

  • Local adjustment

  • Support hardware failure alarm

  • Write-protect jumper

  • Display: 6 bits digital and 5 bits characters LCD display(optional)

  • Intrinsically safety: passed Explosion-proof certified of NEPSI

  • EMC compliance



  • Support HART 6.0 or 7.0

  • Provide configuration software

  • Support Burst Mode

  • Support all Universal Command

  • Customized Special Command

  • DD version: compliant with last DD-IDE

Technical Service:

1.HART Device Registration Pre-Test

Microcyber provides HART Device Registration Pre-Test environment. 

The HART Physical Layer Test, Slave Data Link Layer Test, Slave Universal Command Test and Slave Common Practice Command Test will be done at Microcyber.

The success of the HART Device Registration Pre-Test shows the official HART Device Registration Test will be passed.


Main technical support:

  • HART expert guidance

  • Minimized certification period

  • Use of official test tools


2.HART interoperability test support

Microcyber provides customers technical support for the HART Device Registration Test at the HCF in Austin, USA. 

As part of completed services, Microcyber is supporting:

  • HART professional guidance

  • Request for test offer from HART

  • Test order at HART

  • Error analysis


General Conditions:

There is no an annual support fee in first year. Microcyber will provide customer new revision if there are upgrades or modifications to firmware.

Customer should provide a product sample to be used by Microcyber for software development. 

Microcyber should have the product sample within three weeks after the software development agreement is signed.  


Development Schedule Preview: 3 months per device type

Development Procedure

HART OEM Service

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