HART Temperature Transmitter Sensor Configuration


NCS-TT106  Temperature Transmitter

HART Temperature Transmitter Configuration

Function Configuration


Sensor configuration

You may check the current configuration sensor info (upper limit, lower limit and minimum span) via sensor info TAB. Also, you may configure the sensor type and wiring with it, shown as picture:

Sensor Configuration

Sensor Configuration

Sensor Type: Sensor type supported by device, shown as following:

Sensor Type



Resistance, 0 ~ 500Ω


Resistance, 0 ~ 4000Ω


Cu50 RTD


Cu100 RTD




PT1000 RTD


MV voltage signal, range from -100 to +100 mV


B type thermocouple


E type thermocouple


J type thermocouple


K type thermocouple


N type thermocouple


R type thermocouple


S type thermocouple


T type thermocouple

Wiring: It can be set as 2-wire or 3-wire, only effective to RTD.

Cold-end Compensation: It enables or disables thermocouple’s cold-end compensation function. When the user is using internal cold-end compensation, the present cold-end compensation value is internal measurement temperature value. When the user is using external cold-end compensation, the user may use external setting temperature value to set fixed cold-end compensation value.

Channel status: Display sensor channel status (open circuit, short circuit, etc.)

Sensor channel value: Display original value of sensor channel.

External setting temperature: When external cold-end compensation is set as Enable, the present cold-end compensation value can be set via external setting temperature.

Cold-end compensation temperature: Display present cold-end temperature compensation value.

R0 correction factor: Correct the sensors own error (range 0.9~1.1).

2-wire zero point calibration: When the temperature transmitter is connected to RTD in 2-wire way, in order to avoid the resistance error in the cable, you should short-circuit the sensor and execute zero point calibration button. 

TC calibration: Factory calibration for thermocouple ranges. (only for manufacturer)

RTD calibration: Factory calibration for thermo resistances ranges. (only for manufacturer)

Recover to factory default value: Click this, all the data shall be recovered to factory default status.

Save as factory value: Click this, all the present setting shall be saved as factory value. Click Recover to factory, it shall be recovered to the saved setting.

Recover to factory setting: Click this, all the data shall be recovered to factory status. If the user has saved factory value, then it shall recover to users saved setting. Otherwise, it shall be recorvered to default factory status.


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