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Microcyber Corporation

Address : 17-8 Wensu Street,Hunnan New District,Shenyang,China
Phone: +86-24-31217278/+86-24-31217280
Fax : +86-24-31217338
Email : fang.siqi@microcyber.cn
Skype microcyber11
Registered Add Shenyang,Liaoning,China
Type of business Proctol Converter,Instruments,Communication boards,OEM
Main Market Russia, America, Canada, Mexico, India, Korea, Chile, Brazil
Brand Microcyber
Number of Employees 201-500 People
Established in 2003
Whatsapp 8613504021912

Grace Du--Pushing performance for South American Fieldbus instruments solutions

Position Foreign Trade Manager
Mobile phone +86-13504021912
Telephone +86-24-31217278
Fax +86-24-31217338
Email du.lingling@microcyber.cn
Skype microcyber01
QQ 937766953
Whatsapp/Wechat +86-13504021912

Jane Zhang--Develop industrial automation solutions for Asian customers, customize the instruments and communication protocols you need

Position Regional Manager
Mobile phone +86-15840201220
Telephone +86-24-31217278
Fax +86-24-31217338
Email zhang.sijia@microcyber.cn
Skype microcyber02
QQ 619663848
Whatsapp/Wechat +86-15840201220

Karen Zhao--Your reliable partner about industrial process automation solution in North America.

Position NAR Regional Manager
Mobile phone +86-18802462030
Telephone +86-24-31217279
Fax +86-24-31217338
Email zhao.lin@microcyber.cn
Skype microcyber03
QQ 514842903
Whatsapp/Wechat +86-13898858053

Владимир--Ваш надежный партнер и поставщик предоставляет реальный вариант из всех вопросов о КИПиА и АСУ ТП для килентов из региона России и СНГ .

Position менеджер по продажам
Mobile phone +86-18624005877
Telephone +86-24-31217280
Fax +86-24-31217338
Email gao.shengyan@microcyber.cn
Skype microcyber05
QQ 545402081
Whatsapp/Wechat +86-18624005877
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