HART Temperature Transmitter Configuration Current Calibration


HART Temperature Transmitter Configuration

MODEL: NCS-TT106  Temperature Transmitter

Function Configuration


Current Calibration

The steps of current calibration are shown as following:

(1) Connect the loop, an ammeter with the 5 1/2 digit precision should be series-wounded in the device output loop.

(2) Set device rolling address as 0, please refer to basic info configuration. If rolling address is 0 already, this step can be skipped.

(3) Enter current calibration option TAB.

(4) Select “current value” as 4mA, when the ammeter is stable, input the value in ammeter to “adjustment value”, and then click “Apply”.

(5) Select “current value” as 20mA, when the ammeter is stable, input the value in ammeter to “adjustment value”, and then click “Apply”.

(6) Select “current value” as blank, makes the device output current as PV value.


Configure Current Fixed Output

The user may set fixed current output in current calibration tab. Input the value of the current the smart transmitter will be fixed on, to “fixed current value”, and click the button “enter/exit fixed current mode” to enter or exit the mode of fixed current output. The text of the button can display “exit fixed current mode” and “enter fixed current mode” in turn, to tell users what to do.

In the run of the HART smart transmitter, compare the value of the primary variable and range upper/lower limit of the primary variable continuously. When the value of the primary variable exceeds the range of the primary variable, the smart transmitter will output fixed current to indicate that the value of the primary variable is exceeded. When it is over the upper limit, the smart transmitter output fixed current 20.8mAWhen it is less than the lower limit, output is 3.8mA.

Temperature Transmitter

Current configuration

Note: Calibration current and fixed current output functions are only in the moment when the polling address is 0. It will be at absolute digital communication mode at other polling addresses, the failure info is “Command Execution Failure”.


Here is a video to know MICROCYBER HART temperature transmitter:

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