Temperature Transmitter Maintenance


Temperature Transmitter Maintenance



No Communication

Temperature Module Connection

Check the bus cable connection

Check bus power polarity

Check bus cable shield, whether it is single point earthing or not

Bus Power

Bus power should in the range 9 ~ 32V for the temperature module, and bus noise and ripple should fulfill:

(1) peak-to-peak value noise 16mV, 7~39kHz;

(2) peak-to-peak value noise 2V, 47~63HZ, non-intrinsically safety

(3) peak-to-peak value noise 0.2V, 47~63HZ, intrinsically safety

(4) peak-to-peak value noise 1.6V, 3.9M~125MHZ.

Network Connection

Check network topology structure

Check terminal matcher and wiring

Check the length of main trunk and branch

Address Conflict

When coming to market, the temperature module has a random address, avoiding address conflict. But on a network segment it still possibly appears address conflicts. When conflict occurs, sometimes conflicting device will be temporary address online, you should just reset the device address. Sometimes device will not be temporary address online, you should cut off the electricity of conflicting device, and then power them one by one, modify the address of new powered device as non-conflicting.

Temperature Module Failure

Replace the temperature module with others for testing.

Reading Error

Temperature Module Connection Failure

Check sensor short circuit, open circuit, and earthing.

Check sensor

Noise Disturb

Adjust damping

Check the house earthing

Check the terminal

Check the cable is away from the strong electromagnetic interference

Software Configuration

Check sensor type configuration

Check function block parameter configuration

Temperature Module Failure

Replace the temperature module with others for testing.

Here is a video to know MICROCYBER temperature transmitter:

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