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  • Sales Modbus Gateway, Buy Modbus Gateway, Modbus Gateway Factory, Modbus Gateway Brands
  • Sales Modbus Gateway, Buy Modbus Gateway, Modbus Gateway Factory, Modbus Gateway Brands
  • Sales Modbus Gateway, Buy Modbus Gateway, Modbus Gateway Factory, Modbus Gateway Brands
  • Sales Modbus Gateway, Buy Modbus Gateway, Modbus Gateway Factory, Modbus Gateway Brands
  • Sales Modbus Gateway, Buy Modbus Gateway, Modbus Gateway Factory, Modbus Gateway Brands
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Modbus Gateway
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Modbus to FF Gateway--G0313 is a gateway device of Modbus protocol and FF protocol developed by Microcyber. As Modbus master station, G0313 Modbus to FF Gateway communicates with Modbus-RTU device via RS485 interface, and it can convert the data of Modbus-RTU device to FF device variable output.

Modbus to FF Gateway Features

Modbus-RTU protocol to FF protocol

Compliant with FF Standard

Support LinkMaster Function

Support standard DD or EDD specification (FF Hl)

Support p to Four Modbus Devices

Modbus to FF Gateway Dimension

Outer Size Diagram

modbus gateway


Modbus to FF Gateway Structure Diagram


Whole Structure of Gateway Device


Modbus to FF Gateway Installation

G0313 Modbus to FF Gateway size is 99*2.5*14.5mm, and supports standard DIN rail installation.

G0313 Modbus to FF Gateway’s power supply has two parts, FF bus power and 24V power of RS485 communication. Shielded twisted-pair cable is recommended, which can help device improve resistance to electromagnetic interference.

Modbus to FF Gateway Configuration of DIP Switch

Thereisa3-bitDIPswitchforG0313ModbustoFFGateway,shownasFigure 5.

SIM: Simulation switch, used for“simulation function”.

WP: Write protection, all the write operation for FF smart pressure transmitter shall be refused, which avoid data 

modification at random.

RST: Reset, reset device date to factory original. Power off the device at first, and made the switch at ON, and then power on the device, the device shall be reset to factory original.

modbus gateway


Modbus to FF Gateway Parameters

Basic Parameters

Measure Object: Modbus RTU Slave Device

Modbus Power: 24VDC

FF Bus Power: 932VDC

Bus Protocol: Two-wire, FF Protocol

Insulating Voltage: Modbus and FF Bus Interface, 500VAC

Temperature Scale: -40℃~85

Humidity Scale: 595%RH

Start Time: 5s

Refresh Time: 0.2s

Modbus to FF Gateway Performance Index

Protection Level: Housing protection level is IP20.

Electromagnetic compatibility: 

Meet GB/T 18268.1-2010

Test Method for FF Port Meets GB/T 18268.23-2010.

Modbus to FF Gateway Physical Properties


Weight: 0.2kg

Structural Material Housing: Polyamide PA6.6

Coating: Polyester Epoxy Resin

Modbus to FF Gateway Default Communication Parameters

Slave Address: 1, 2, 3, 4

Baud Rate: 9600

Data Bit: 8

Stop Bit: 1

Calibration: EVEN

CRC Calibration: Low Byte Ahead

Modbus to FF Gateway Supportive Modbus Function Code


1: Read Loop Status

2: Read Discrete Input Status

3: Read Keeping Register Value

4: Read Input Register Value

5: Write Loop

6: Write Single Register Values

16: Write Multiple Register Values

Modbus to FF Gateway Working Principle


Modbus to FF gateway is a gateway device supporting Modbus and FF protocol. As FF device, it can communicate with Modbus devices, read Modbus data to FF device by simply configuration, and transfer data to control system through FF bus. System Wiring Diagram of Modbus to FF Gateway is shown in picture:


Modbus to FF Gateway supports 4 Modbus slave devices, 8 groups of analog input output and discrete input output parameters, totally 32 channels provided. It configures Modbus device’s data into transducer block’s parameters via Modbus register, and provides data support for FF system via channels between variables and AI, AO, DI and DO function blocks. Principle Diagram for MODBUS to FF Gateway is shown in picture.


Principle Diagram for MODBUS to FF Gateway

Configuration of Gateway


FF transmitter supports many net topologies shown as Topology of FF Bus The bus connection of FF instrument is shown inFF Bus Connection, in order to ensure the bus signal quality, the terminal matching resistances should be connected to the 2 ends of the bus. The bus maximum length is 1900m, with a repeater, the length can be extended to 10 kilometers.

modbus gatewaygateway

               Topology of FF Bus                                                         FF Bus Connection

How To Choose G0313 Modbus to FF Gateway?

Appendix 1 Model Selection Table for G0313 Modbus to FF Gateway


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