PA Temperature Transmitter Configuration


Temperature Transmitter--NCS-TT106  


PA Temperature Transmitter Configuration

Topology Connection


Profibus PA transmitter supports many kinds of connection, as shown inpicture. There is a transmitter bus connection shown in Figure 4.2, and the bus ends are connected with terminal matching resistance, which ensures the signal quality. The maximum length of bus is 1900m and it can be prolonged to 10km with repeaters.

PA Temperature Transmitter

PA Network Topology

Temperature Transmitter Configuration

FF Bus Connection

Function Block

PA smart transmitter realizes PA standard function blocks, shown as below. Please refer to related PA protocol documents for detailed info about function block setting.

Function Block--Physical BlockPhysical block describes device hardware information, recognizing and diagnosing information, including device tag number, software version, hardware version and installation dates, etc.

Function Block--Transducer Block: Transducer block separates function blocks from the instrument input and output characteristic, and it mainly realizes the function such as calibration and linearization for input and output data, and then provides the processed data to AI via inner channel.

Function Block -- Analog Input Block: AI block gets simulation processing value from the inner channel, and then processes the value, providing proper measurement value to master device via bus communication.


Here is a video to know MICROCYBER temperature transmitter:

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PA ProtocolPA Temperature TransmitterTemperature Transmitter Configuration


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