HART Temperature Transmitter Function Configuration


HART Temperature Transmitter Configuration

Model: NCS-TT106  Temperature Transmitter

Function Configuration

Smart temperature supports Microcyber's HartMPT Configuration Software and universal software such HART Organization's SDC625 for configuration debugging. Following is an example for HartMPT Configuration Software, including functions:  

(1) Basic information configuration: configure the basic information of device online, including tag, address, date, assemble number and so on;

(2) Configurable information configuration: configure the configurable information of device online, including primary variable range, damp and so on;

(3) Sensor info configuration: configure the sensor info of the online device, including type, wiring, etc.;

(4) Current calibration: Can calibrate 4~20mA current of online device, also can set fixed current output;

(5) Variable monitoring: refresh all dynamic variable of selected online device timely and display trend curve of present device primary value.

Configuration Environment

(1) PC with serial port, Windows 2000 or Windows XP;

(2) HART Modem and serial wire;

(3) Matching resistance 250Ω~550Ω.

Here is a video to know MICROCYBER HART temperature transmitter:

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HART Temperature TransmitterFunction ConfigurationSmart Temperature

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