HART Temperature Transmitter Configuration Function Configuration


HART Temperature Transmitter Configuration

Model: NCS-TT106  Temperature Transmitter

Function Configuration


Basic Information Configuration


Through basic information dialog, the basic information of the smart transmitter can be read or modified, including device address, information, description, date, assembly number, alarm, write protection, manufacturer ID, manufacture, device type, device ID, long address and version info, shown as picture:

Function Configuration

Basic Information

After information modification, click the “Apply” button to download it into device.

(1) The address selection range is 0~15;

(2) Information can be input 32 characters at most;

(3) The maximum length of the description is 16 defined characters;

(4) The maximum length of the tag is 8 defined characters;

(5) Date range is from the year 1900 to 2155.

(6) Assembly number is 6 defined characters at most. 

Here is a video to know MICROCYBER HART temperature transmitter:

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HART Temperature TransmitterTemperature TransmitterFunction Configuration

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