HART Temperature Transmitter Configuration


HART Temperature Transmitter Configuration

Model: NCS-TT106  Temperature Transmitter

Topologic Connection

The connection of HART smart transmitter includes 4~20mA compatible mode and networking mode.

4~20mA compatible mode, shown as picture:

HART Temperature Transmitter

4~20mA Compatible Mode


(1) Connected to the above control system above via AI module and HART communication device

(2) Mixed use of the analog and digital communication

(3) The device address is 0.


Networking mode, shown as picture:

Topologic Connection

Networking Mode


(1) Connected to the above control system via HART communication device;

(2) Only use digital function of HART device, and the fixed current on wire is 4mA;

(3) Support 15 devices in the mode of short address.


Here is a video to know MICROCYBER HART temperature transmitter:

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