FF Temperature Transmitter Function Configuration


Temperature Transmitter(NCS-TT106)

FF Temperature Transmitter Function Configuration

Function Configuration

Smart temperature transmitter supports FF Configuration Software, NCS4000 Configuration Software from Microcyber, NI-FBUS from NI, DeltaV from Rosemont, etc. Now take NI-FBUS from NI as an example to introduction the configuration method of smart temperature transmitter.

Configuration Environment

PC, Windows 2000 or Windows XP;

NI USB-8486, H1 bus power, H1 terminator;

NI-FBUS Configurator.

Sensor Type Configuration

Sensor type can be set by modifying transducer block SENSOR_TYPE parameter, such as PT100, CU50, etc.

Function Configuration

Sensor Type Configurations

2-wire Zero Point Calibration Configuration

For 2-wire measurement, 2-wire zero point calibration can be realized by modifying transducer block TWO_WIRES_COMPENSATION parameter. Firstly, give zero point value to channel to make a short circuit. Then set the TWO_WIRES_COMPENSATION parameter as Startto write in. If it is successful, read the parameter. If the parameter value is Finished, it means that 2-wire zero point calibration is successful.


Here is a video to know MICROCYBER temperature transmitter:

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Temperature TransmitterFF Temperature TransmitterFunction Configuration

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