Principle and Structure Of NCS-TT105 Temperature Transmitter


This article will show principle and structure of NCS-TT105 temperature transmitter.


NCS-TT105 temperature transmitter uses resistive temperature detectors (RTD) or thermocouple and converts to fieldbus signal in order to measure temperature.


NCS-TT105 temperature transmitter consists of five components.


1)Terminal board: it is used to connect with bus, temperature sensor, instrument board and communication board.

2)Instrument board: it can convert the temperature sensor signal to voltage signal, and then provides the digital signal to board via A/D.

3)Communication board: it is the core of smart instrument, providing the functions of fieldbus communication, control, diagnosis and maintenance.

4)Isolation board: it is used for isolation between communication board and instrument board (including power isolation and signal isolation).

5)Display board (optional): it is used to display temperature and function block parameters.


Size of NCS-TT105 Temperature transmitter

Temperature Transmitter

Figure 3.2 Size of NCS-TT105 temperature transmitter (unit: mm)

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