Wiring Of NCS-TT105 Temperature Transmitter


The power and bus signal of NCS-TT105 temperature transmitter are sharing one pair of cables (bus cable). NCS-TT105 temperature transmitter is suggested to use specific Fieldbus cables recommended by the IEC61158-2. The wiring terminal is at the rear cover side, the wiring terminal board could be seen when the rear cover is screwed off.

Temperature Transmitter

Figure 2.5 The wiring terminal board of NCS-TT105 temperature transmitter

thermocouple transmitter

Figure 2.6 Wiring of NCS-TT105 temperature transmitter(3-wire)

pt100 transmitter

Figure 2.7 Wiring of NCS-TT105 temperature transmitter(2-wire)

Temperature Transmitter

Figure 2.8 Wiring of thermocouple

Signal wire should be passed through the wire hole. Sensor signal wire shielding layer is single-point grounding. The bus signal wire shielding layer should be floating in instrument side, and be grounding in bus power side.


The signal and bus cable should not share the line pipe or trunking with other equipment, and should be away from high-power device.

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