Function Blocks Of NCS-TT105 Temperature Transmitter(1)


We have learnt what is Temperature Transmitter, and Temperature Transmitter's wiring, Temperature Transmitter's principle and structure, do you know Temperature Transmitter's Function Block? How many Function Block does Temperature Transmitter have? And what use of Temperature Transmitter's Function Block?


This article will show us these knowledge.


FF smart transmitters carries out the FF standard function blocks, shown as the table below. Please refer to related FF protocol document for detailed info about configutaion methods of function blocks.

Function Block



Resource block is used to describe the device identity in the field, such as device name, manufacture, serial number. There is no input or output parameter in the resource block. Generally, there is only one resource block for each device.


Transducer block is used to read sensor hardware data, or write the data in the field to related hardware. Transducer block includes the info such as range, sensor type, linearization, I/O data, etc.

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