Microcyber NCS-TT106 Smart temperature transmitters pass international FCG certification


MicrocyberThe Microcyber NCS-TT106 Smart Temperature Transmitter provides a flexible and reliable solution for any temperature measurement. As a high-precision transmitter with thermal resistance, thermocouple, millivolt and ohmic signals, the NCS-TT106 is designed to meet the most demanding applications. HART communication can convert different types of input signals into 4~20mA analog output signals. High reliability, high long-term stability, high measurement accuracy and advanced diagnostics minimize the risk of use.

On February 12, 2019, the NCS-TT106 smart temperature transmitter independently developed by Microcyber Corporation passed the international FCG (FieldComm Group) certification. This marks that Microcyber's smart temperature transmitters have reached international standards. The adoption of FCG certification will further enhance Bo Wei's overall service level and market influence, laying an important foundation for the company to explore a broader market in Europe and America, and make due contributions to China's move to high-end equipment manufacturing industry!

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