Microcyber attended Shanghai Station FCG Symposium


On June 29, 2018, as a member of the FCG, Microcyber attended the seminar hosted by FCG on the topic of “Latest Fieldbus Technology and Applications”. The meeting was jointly organized by FCG and the Shanghai Automation Society and the China Automation Society Instrument and Device Professional Committee. It was held in the conference room of Shanghai East China Electric Power Design Institute.

At the seminar, technical experts from FCG and members shared the latest development, products and application information on fieldbus and system integration technologies, especially for core technologies and solutions in the power industry. Ren Dayang, product manager of Microcyber , delivered a keynote speech on "Fieldbus and WirelessHART" , which enabled the audience to have a better understanding of the full implementation and application of fieldbus and WirelessHART related instruments, gateways, communication boards, chips and other products. 


During the seminar, engineers and technicians from the design institutes had a lively discussion with the speakers, which strengthened the understanding and mastery of new technologies and products.

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