FF Temperature Transmitter Configuration


Temperature Transmitter 

Model: NCS-TT106  

FF Temperature Transmitter Configuration

Function Block

FF smart transmitter realizes FF standard function blocks, shown as below. Please refer to related FF protocol documents for detailed info about function block setting.

Function Block--- RESOURCE(RB2)Resource block is used to describe device characters in the field, such as device name, manufacture, serial number. There is no input or output parameter in resource block. Generally there is only one resource block for each device.

Function Block---TEMP_SENSOR 1(TTB)Transducer block is used to read sensor hardware data, or write the data in the field to related hardware. Transducer block includes the info such as range, sensor type, linearization, I/O data, etc.

Function Block---AI 1(AI)Analog input function block is used to achieve transducer block input data and transfer it to other function blocks, and has the function of range conversion, square root, cut mantissa, etc.


Here is a video to know MICROCYBER temperature transmitter:

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