Water-Saving Retrofit Solutions for Thermal Power Plants


Water-saving transformation of thermal power plant


Thermal power generation is one of the most widely used forms of power generation. With the increase of power generation year by year, its water consumption is very huge. Water-saving measures not only affect the people's livelihood of thermal power plants but also affect the economic benefits of the whole society. Based on this social background, many large-scale thermal power plants in China have carried out water-saving measures and technology introduction or transformation to varying degrees. This case introduces the application of industrial WirelessHART technology in the water-saving transformation of large state-owned thermal power plants.


The consumption of circulating water in large-scale state-owned thermal power plants, such as boiler plants, steam turbine plants, desulfurization plants, chemical water plants, and cooling towers, is huge. How to strengthen the water-saving of circulating water and improve the recycling utilization rate, and accurately monitor the water flow in multiple areas in real-time is the key to reduce costs and save energy.

The person in charge of the power plant put forward such a demand -- "at present, we use the traditional wired and small area wireless acquisition technology for water flow monitoring, but in the water-saving reconstruction project, we will face the problems of wireless acquisition area is not covered, limited space for secondary wired equipment laying and large area wiring, which will cost huge human, material and financial resources, we have been looking for high-quality The solution to this problem. "


According to the requirements of the water-saving reconstruction project and the actual situation of the site, we adopt the product scheme of WirelessHART gateway and WirelessHART adapter, make use of the characteristics of wireless device interoperability, add WirelessHART adapter in the original wireless network to achieve the purpose of expanding the wireless network; at the same time, we use WirelessHART adapter in the new area required by the project WirelessHART gateway and WirelessHART adapter build a new wireless topology network, so as to realize the overall information monitoring of water-saving reconstruction project.


To achieve cost reduction and efficiency, we adopt three solutions:: 1. In the wired communication network, connect the wired equipment with the WirelessHART adapter to form the WirelessHART network; 2. Add the WirelessHART adapter in the original wireless communication network; 3. Build a new wireless communication network in the area not covered by the wireless network. The water flow meters in different factories and areas are managed by the WirelessHART gateway. Even if the water flow meters are installed on dense pipes or walls, the equipment can still form a robust WirelessHART mesh network by connecting the WirelessHART adapter and the WirelessHART repeater to ensure that the data can be uploaded to the WirelessHART gateway in real-time and stably. With the cooperation of the radio station, the wireless Hart gateway realizes the wireless communication of the whole plant area and completes the water flow information monitoring of all areas.

While continuously monitoring the water flow information, WirelessHART equipment can also accurately analyze the operation status of the flowmeter, so that the factory operators can quickly and accurately replace the faulty water flowmeter, so as not to affect the operational efficiency of the equipment or cause personal injury.


Our self-developed wireless Hart gateway and wirelessHART adapter have been used in thermal power plants for one year, and have not received feedback on product quality problems; high efficiency and low cost are the core of this case water-saving reconstruction project, and the application of wirelessHART technology scheme has successfully achieved this goal.

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