Notes of installation of Explosion-proof Type Transmitters


From last two articles, we know how to install Explosion-proof Type Transmitters, and he type and parameter of safety barrier, in the last article, as the end, we learn some notes of installation of Explosion-proof Type Transmitters

Notes of installation of Explosion-proof Type Transmitters:

1) The housing of smart transmitter must be grounded well.

2) As for the circuit of the smart transmitter, user could not disassemble or replace components.

3) The calculation of maximum distributed parameter of signal wire must be referred to the parameter of safety barrier and parameter of explosion-proof selected.

4) The cable of smart transmitters signal must be isolated from other cable, and shielded by steel pipe or trunkings.

5) The shielded layer of smart transmitters signal wire must be single-point grounded or float grounded.

6) The safety barrier must be installed on the frame at the outlet of safety area.

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