Introduction of Pressure Transmitters' Working Principle and Structure


We know the knowledge of pressure transmitter, we also know installation of explosion-proof type transmitters, but do you know what is pressure transmitter’s working principle and structure? Today, let me introduce to you.

The measurement principle of smart transmitter based on the 3151 capacitive pressure sensor, using advanced micro-controller technology, sensor digital measurement technology and high accuracy algorithm to ensure the high-precision pressure measurement. The advanced HART, FF H1 and PROFIBUS PA Fieldbus technologies are used respectively by the communication interface of smart transmitter.

The logical structure of smart transmitter, which is the same, can be divided into five parts: sensor, instrument card, communication card, LCD card and port card, as Figure 3-1 shows. The FF, PA Smart Transmitters are identical in terms of hardware due to the same physical layer specification, the communication card and port card of the FF, PA Smart Transmitters are different from those of Hart, but other parts are the same.

differential pressure transmitter

Figure 3-1 Structure

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