Instruction of HART MODEM 5


Today, let's know how to install HART MODEM and how to use HART MODEM.

Installation and use:

HART signal modulator(HART MODEM) is the signal conversion between HART protocol field equipment and PC running configuration software. The HART network that participates by its is shown below.

HART-RS232 Modem

When connecting multiple HART devices, the above figure is the basis, connect the rest HART devices with HART devices in the figure, note that the power supply needs to support multiple devices, and the network matching resistance is between the junction and the power supply.

This product is voltage modulated HART signal modem, the HART interface terminal non-polar fish clip clip in HART network matching resistance at both ends or field equipment at both ends of the power supply to achieve the connection with HART field equipment.

Put this product on the other end with PCUSB port (when using serial modem, 9-core serial port) is connected to realize the connection with PC.

The host needs to install the attached USB serial port driver (serial HART MODEM does not need to install), running configuration software,using the virtual serial port provided by the driver (when using serial port modulation and demodulation, the configuration software USES the serial port provided by the host), the semi-duplex differential serial communication of 1200bPS is realized by the modulator and the field equipment.

USB serial port driver download link:

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