Instruction of HART MODEM 2


We introduced the overview of HART MODEM and the category of HART MODEM. What are the characteristics of HART MODEM? What are the configuration kit for HART MODEM? Let's first look at the characteristics of HART MODEM:

Product Characteristic

1. According to the HART physical layer specification

2. Isolated transformer prevents the influence of earthing.

3. Voltage signal modulator/demodulator

4. Low power consumption designation

5. Powered by series port or USB port

6. Interface Type: DB9 female mount

7. Ambient Temperature: 0 50 ℃ l

8. Compressive Strength :500 V AC HART bus and serial port (UART,USB)

9. Receiving Impedance : ≥5 K Ω, end-to-end

10. Output Signal VPP: 600 mV ≥ VPP ≥ 400 mV, 500 Ω load resistance

11. Receiving Sensitivity: 120 mV, 500 Ω test resistance


Then lets see characteristics of HART MODEM:

Configuration Kit for HART Modem:

1. Easy to use

2. Compatible with all standard HART Instruments

3. LEDs for signaling the sending / receiving

4. No external power supply required

5. Standard USB/RS232 connection to PC

6. Galvanic isolation


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