Instruction of HART MODEM 1


Our company is promoting HART MODEM, but what is HART MODEM? What kind of HART MODEM can we provide? 

Let me introduce the overview of HART MODEM and the categories of HART MODEM today.

As the leading company of industrial Internet of things, Microcyber Corporation has decades of experience in industrial Internet of things. The digital transmission and control signal of industrial automation instrument is changing from traditional 4~20mA analog signal to digital communication features industrial fieldbus upgrades.

HART fieldbus communication has the digital communication ability of compatible analog signal, HART fieldbus has the digital communication function and compatible 4~20mA analog signal, which is a kind of field bus widely used at present.

HART signal MODEM (HART MODEM) is a necessary tool for instrument manufacturers to upgrade products and control signal conversion on site.

Microcyber Corporation provides two kinds of HART signal modems with PC interface. Hart-rs232 is the adapter of HART bus signal and rs-232 serial port signal, and hart-usb is the converter of HART bus signal and USB virtual serial port signal.

HART-RS232 Modem

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