Function Blocks Of NCS-TT105 Temperature Transmitter(2)


From last article, we know two Function Block of NCS-TT105 Temperature Transmitter, today this article will show other Function Blocks Of NCS-TT105 Temperature Transmitter.


Function Block



DSP block is used to configure display info in LCD.


PID function block has the function of PID control and setting point adjustment, process value(PV) filtering and alarm, output tracking, etc.


Analog input function block is used to achieve transducer block input data and transfer to other function blocks, has the function of range conversion, square root, cut mantissa, etc.


LLAG function block is used for feedforward control.


RA function block is used to control the proportion between inputs.

PID Control

This block has a lot of features as set point treatment (value and rate limiting), filtering and alarm on PV, feed-forward, output tracking and others.


This block has four analog inputs that may be selected by an input parameter or according to a criterion as first good, maximum, minimum, middle and average.

Signal Characteristic

This block has capability for two signal characteristics based on the same curve. The second input has an option for swapping “x” to “y”, and inverse function may be used in signal characteristic of read-back variables. 

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