Configuration Of NCS-TT105 Temperature Transmitter(4)


This article will show multi-point linearization calibration configuration Of NCS-TT105 Temperature Transmitter.


Multi-point linearization calibration

User can carry out the second calibration for transmitters via calibration parameters CAL_CURVE_X and CAL_CURVE_Y of transducer blocks:


(1) Smart temperature transmitter supports 8 calibration point inputs—the parameter CAL_CURVE_Y array of the transducer block. User can write output value to calibrate into array in turn and select unit. For example, when for three-point interpolating calibration, 10, 20, 30 can be selected as the calibration points, the values are written in CAL_CURVE_Y array.


(2) Input standard signal via standard source, open the related transducer block, read the PRIMARY_VALUE value and write it to the CAL_POINT_X array. For example, if the read value is 10.2, 20.5, 30.4, are written to the CAL_POINT_X array.


(3) Set SENSOR_CAL_METHOD as “User Trim special Calibration” and set ENABLE_LIN_CURVE as “Enable Curve”, which makes the smart transmitter work according to calibrated characteristic curve.


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