Configuration Of NCS-TT105 Temperature Transmitter(2)


This article will show two types Configuration Of NCS-TT105 Temperature Transmitter.

Two-wire zero point calibration configuration

For two-wire measurement, the two-wire zero point calibration can be set by modifying TWO_WIRES_COMPENSATION parameter of transducer block. Firstly, give zero point value to channel making a short circuit. Then set the TWO_WIRES_COMPENSATION parameter as “Start” to write in. If it is successful, read the parameter. If the parameter value is “Finished”, it indicates that two-wire zero point calibration is successful.

Enable cold junction compensation

If the sensor is thermocouple, the SECONDARY_VALUE is a cold junction temperature. In default status, first enable the cold junction compensation function. User is able to set cold junction compensation function by setting the SENCONDARY_VALUE_ENABLE. If it is set as Enable, it will be at enable cold junction compensation, the PRIMARY_VALUE is the temperature value after cold junction compensation. If it is set as Disable, it is at enable cold junction compensation forbidden; the PRIMARY_VALUE is the temperature value without cold junction compensation.

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