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Hart Communicator
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Industrial automation instrument is upgrading from traditional 4-20mA analog control signal to industrial fieldbus with digital communication function. HART bus had digital communication function and it’s compatible with 4-20mA analog control signal.

Hart Communicator Modem: In the instruments industry, the traditional 4 – 20 mA analog transmitters are upgrading to the fieldbus with digital communication. HART fieldbus communication has digital communication capability with compatible analog signal. HART MODEM is a necessary and convenient tool for the analog products upgrading and signal exchanging in the control plant.


We provide two kinds of HART modem. HART-RS232 is the converter for HART signal to RS-232 signal. HART-USB is the converter for HART signal to PC virtual series port.


Hart Communicator Modem Features

Product Characteristic

According to the HART physical layer specification

Isolated transformer prevents the influence of earthing.

Voltage signal modulator/demodulator

Low power consumption designation

Powered by series port or USB port

Interface Type: DB9 female mount

Ambient Temperature: 0 50 ℃

Compressive Strength :500 V AC HART bus and serial port (UART,USB)

Receiving Impedance : ≥5 K Ω, end-to-end

Output Signal VPP: 600 mV ≥ VPP   ≥ 400 mV, 500 Ω load resistance

Receiving Sensitivity: 120 mV, 500 Ω test resistance


Hart Communicator Modem Configuration Kit for HART Modem

Easy to use

Compatible with all standard HART Instruments

LEDs for signaling the sending / receiving

No external power supply required

Standard USB/RS232 connection to PC

Galvanic isolation

Hart Communicator Modem Parameters


Power Supply: No External Power Supply Required

Galvanic Isolation: 500VAC Between the Device and the PC

Receiving Impedance: 5KΩ

Receiving Sensitivity: 120mVpp

Output Amplitude: 500mVpp(500Ω )


USB/RS232 Connector to PC

2 Alligator Clip on Transmitter

Cable Length:

USB/RS232 Cable: 1.5m

HART Cable: 1.00 m



Hart Communicator Modem Housing

Weight: App. 125 gInclude Cable

Modem Dimensions: 60 x 45 x 14 mm



Hart Communicator Modem Environments

Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 °C

Storage Temperature: -40 to 80 °C

Humidity: 0-95% (no Condensation)



Hart Communicator Modem PC System

Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/win7/win8

USB/RS232-Port: USB-Host/RS232


Hart Communicator Modem Usage Instruction:

HART Modem is the protocol converter between HART device and configurator on PC.

4 20 ma hart

The figure above is a sample basic case. To connect multiple HART device, please connect the other devices parallel with the “Transmitter”. Please note that the power should support multiple devices and the terminator should be set in the middle of the power and parallel point.


HART-RS232 is a HART MODEM with voltage modulator/demodulator. To communicate with a HART device, please connect the clincher of HART port of HART-RS232 to the two terminals of the network adaptor resistance or the power of HART device. To communicate with a PC, please connect the other port of HART-RS232 to the series port of PC.


The USB driver installation program should be run for HART-USB. The driver provides a virtual series ports for HART configurator software.


The indication light shows the state of modem. Green LED indicates the power is working well and the modem is sending data. Red LED indicates the modem is receiving data.




How To Choose NCS-HM105 HART Modem?

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