FF Communication Chip

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FF Communication Chip
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FBC0409 General Instruction

FBC0409 is a fieldbus interface and controller IC which conforms to IEC 61158 filedbus physical layer definition. It supports typical embedded CPU and MCU, and satisfies the demands of high performance fieldbus masters or slavers.

FBC0409 contains Manchester data encoder and decoder on chip. It requires a medium interface and external filter for connection to a fieldbus system, and can automatically correct bus polarity. FBC0409 also contains 4k bytes embedded data RAM, applying DMA controller. The implementation of message transmission and address resolution can be executed without CPU intervention. The Rx and Tx data status is available in status registers of FBC0409, such as status of line operation, code error, frame loss, frame collision.

FBC0409 implement a portion of data-link layer function. Tx/Rx frame check sequence (FCS), 16 bits 1ms timer, 16 bits 1/32ms timer, 16 bits octet time timer, frame code decoding and address resolution.

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