Modbus to DP Built-in Module

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  • Modbus to DP Built-in Module Manufacturers, Modbus to DP Built-in Module Factory, Supply Modbus to DP Built-in Module
  • Modbus to DP Built-in Module Manufacturers, Modbus to DP Built-in Module Factory, Supply Modbus to DP Built-in Module
  • Modbus to DP Built-in Module Manufacturers, Modbus to DP Built-in Module Factory, Supply Modbus to DP Built-in Module
Modbus to DP Built-in Module
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Modbus to DP Built-in Module is one of the Microcyber M-series embedded modules developed by Microcyber Corporation. This series of embedded modules have features like same size, same interface, easy to upgrade, easy configuration and so on, it is the ideal choice for users to quickly develop the fieldbus equipment.

Modbus to DP Built-in Module: By embedding the M0306 into the users'equipment's with Modbus-RTU communication capabilities, the user equipment can be changed to Profibus DP slave station.

User can quickly achieve Profibus DP, FF, HART & etc. equipment by replacing other modules of M series.

Modbus to DP Built-in Module has four types based on MCU power supply voltage and whether user interface 2 is available. Please check detailed in Error! Reference source not found.. M0306 Modbus to DP built-in module is shown as picture

DP Module

Modbus to DP Built-in Module Module Features

1) Short development period: The user doesn't need to understand PROFIBUS developing technology, doesn't need to purchase PROFIBUS development system, also doesn't need to compile GSD file, PROFIBUS product with intellectual property will be developed in short time

2) Same size: Microcyber M-series embedded modules have the same size, 65mm (length) *42mm (width).

3) Same interface: Microcyber M-series embedded modules adopt 2.54 spacing 16 pin connector, with compatible function.

4) Easy to upgrade: Replacement of Microcyber M-series different embedded modules can achieve different protocols of the device.

5) Flexible configuration: Users can use Microcyber configuration tool to configure it, which is easy and convenient to operate.

6) Simple application: MCU of user’s product read (write) input/output data into communication module by serial port. The communication module automatically transfers them into the communication between PROFIBUS-DP data and PROFIBUS master station

7) Wide application: Widely used onto all kinds of products, such as transducer, motor startup protection device, smart high-low-voltage electrical appliance, power measurement device, various transmitters, smart field measurement equipment, and instrumentation, etc.

8) Provide based on OEM: The user has independent intellectual property rights, brand and trademark registration right.

Modbus to DP Built-in Module Development Process


Modbus to DP Built-in Module Basic Parameter

Power: VCCMCU power):5.0V 120mA / 3.3V 100mA

DP Bus Baud Rate: Baud Rate Self- Adaption9.6K~12Mbps

Protocol Before Transition: Modbus GB/Z 19582.1-2004

Protocol After Transition: Profibus DP GB/T 20540.1~.6-2006

DP Max Input Data: Max Input Bytes 244 Bytes

DP Max Output Data: Max Output Bytes 244 Bytes

DP Max Total Input and Output Data: Input Bytes + Output Bytes 360 Bytes

Max User Data: Max User Data Bytes 200 Bytes

Max IO configuration Data: Max IO Configuration Data Bytes 20 Bytes

Temperature Range: -40~ +85

Humidity Range: 5 ~ 95%RH

Start Time: 5s

Weight: 14 g

Dimension (L*W*H): 65×42×14 mm

Electromagnetic Compatibility: GB/T 18268.1

Noise Interference: EN 61131-2:2003

Support Modbus Function Code

01H: Read Coil State

02H: Read Input State

03H: Read Holding Register

04H: Read Input Register

05H: Set Single Coil

06H: Preset Single Register

0FH: Force Various Coils

10H: Preset Various Regsters

Modbus to DP Built-in Module Dimension

Modbus to DP Built-in Module Outline Size


Modbus to DP Built-in Module Module Structure

DP Module


IModbus to DP Built-in Module nstallation

Module External Interface

Pin Definition and Instruction of User Interface 1(J4)

The user interface provides the module with one signal isolated DC power supply, serial interface between the two boards, as well as indicator lights and other functions. The specific description is shown in table.


Pin Definition and Outline Size of User Interface


As shown in picture,user interface 1 uses 16-pin connector, specific pins are defined as follows:

User Interface Pin Definition

DP Module


Modbus to DP Built-in Module Working Principle

M0306 supports one to one embedded connection with the RTU Modbus user board. The main function is to connect the user board to the PROFIBUS network, making it become PROFIBUS DP slave device. M0306 system connection diagram is shown in picture


Modbus to DP Built-in Module can complete the protocol conversion between PROFIBUS and Modbus, to achieve mapping and transparent transmission between user board Modbus input and output data and PROFIBUS master control system input and output data. The working principle of M0306 is shown in picture.


DP Module

How To Choose M0306 Modbus to DP Module?


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