FF Development ToolKit

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FF Development ToolKit
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Fieldbus Development Tool Kit

FF Development ToolKit

Product information


  • EMC certification and intrinsic safety certification

  • FF physical layer conformance test

  • Support Atmel ARM7 series CPU

  • Discrete MAU

  • Flash ≥256K

  • RAM ≥128K

  • Support stable data memory

  • Support asynchrony serial interface, baud rate is changeable

  • Support common I/O port

  • Power supplier: 9 ~ 32 VDC

  • Current consumption: ≤ 15mA

  • Supply to customer HW: 3V, 10mA or 5V, 6mA

  • Support two kind of communication controller 

      *Smar FB3050

      *Microcyber FBC0409



  • Support Multi2000 compiler 

  • Support operating system transplantation

       --- Nucleus PLUS is used

  • FF technical data:

  • *Communication stack—FF conformance test

  • *Function block—FF interoperability test

  • *Standard FMS and SM service

  • *Link Master function

  • *Transducer block

  • *Standard function block and advanced function block

  • *Flexible function block

  • *DD source file, CFF file and function block source file 

  • *Standard function block interface

  • Profibus PA technical data:

  • *DP slave function

  • *Compatible with DP、DPV and DPV2

  • *Application layer interface

  • *Standard function block interface

  • *GSD file and function block source file

Fieldbus Foundation

Development explanation

The toolkit provides:

  • Hardware schematic diagram,PCB diagram

  • Device capacity file(CFF)description

  • Source code for device description 

  • DDL language

  • Function block source code(C language)

  • Communication stack library

  • *Library file

  • *Header

  • *User interface function

  • Interface library for function block

  • *Library file

  • *Header

  • *User interface function

  • Operating system interface

  • Source code for driving communication controller(C language)


User needs to have:

  • ARM integration development tool

  • FF Tokenizer DD development tool(including standard DD library and compiler)V2..0 upwards

  • ARM emluator

  • Testing and debugging environment

Development Procedure

Fieldbus OEM 

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