HART Development ToolKit

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HART Development ToolKit
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Product Overview

HART Development toolkit is used as a development platform according to HART fieldbus communication protocol. With the toolkit, the user is able to develop instrumentation according to HART fieldbus communication protocol, and then integrate the device into control system with HART communication interface.

HART ToolKit

HART Development toolkit consists of communication board hardware, software development toolkit and related technical documents.

Characteristic of Communication board hardware

  • 4 ~ 20mA output with digital communication of HART protocol (two-wire)

  • Comply with HART protocol communication characteristic

  • Configuration debugging software remote management via handheld or PC

  • Passed IECEx explosionproof certification

  • Passed EMC testing certification

  • Support CPU failure alarm, write protection jumper

  • High limit alarm current: >=20.8mA 

  • Low limit alarm current: >=3.9mA 

  • Interface board communication: serial port and I/O, four I/Os at most

  • Parts connected with sensor: light coupling isolation

Communication board development toolkit includes:

  • Source program example file

  • Library file

  • Drive program source file

The user is requested to purchase:

*IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430 development environment. HART communication board development toolkit software development uses IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430 integrated development toolkit from IAR System, the version is 4.11B.

*DD-IDE: In order to write device description file, the user is requested to purchase DD-IDE integrated development environment. 

HART Developing

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