Installation of Explosion-proof Type Transmitters(1)


We learned what a capacitive pressure transmitter is, how to install capacitive pressure transmitter and how to wire capacitive pressure transmitter, and how to test capacitive pressure transmitter, but do you know how to install Explosion-proof Type Transmitters?

Next three articles will show us how to install Explosion-proof Type Transmitters.

HART Smart Transmitter has passed the national-level intrinsically safe explosion-proof certification, and this type includes “IC” in its product type name. The description of this article is just about this type.

Smart transmitter must be connected to safety barrier when used in dangerous places, where the explosive mixtures could be in it. The selection about the type and parameter of safety barrier must be referred to the table next article.

Suffixes X of Explosion-proof certification number indicates that this product must be composed of the intrinsically safe explosion-proof system with isolated safety barrier, or every ground point of the intrinsically safe explosion-proof system, where this product is exactly in, must kept in equal-potential balance.

To be continued...

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