Configuration Of NCS-TT105 Temperature Transmitter(3)


This article will show Two-point linearization calibration configuration Of NCS-TT105 Temperature Transmitter.


Two-point linearization calibration

Temperature transmitter has strict calibration in factory. Generally, it is not necessary for user to calibrate. User can use CAL_POINT_HI, CAL_POINT_LO and CAL_UNIT to carry out two-point linearization calibration. Operation steps shown as following:

1)Make sure and set SESOR_TYPE, and set CAL_UNIT according to sensor type. Now it supports Celsius, Ohms and MV.

2)Set transducer block MODE parameter as “OOS”, and then set the SENSOR_CAL_METHOD as “User Trim Standard Calibration”.

3)Give standard data to channel to calibrate via standard source, when the input is stable, write calibration data to CAL_POINT_HI or CAL_POINT_LO according to upper limit calibration or lower limit calibration. It is successful if there is no write error. Notes: The calibration will be fail if there is a great deviation between write-in calibration data and practical input channel data.



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